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The Cynical Malayali

Most people would agree on this, that an average Malayali is somewhat cynical. Sometimes his pithy and sarcastic answers comes across a bit negatively and pessimistic, for example if it was raining, he would opine that the sun is unlikely to come out for a number of days as though you were in for big trouble (of what? Reduced vitamin D intake?). Once the sun comes out, he would grumble Oh! Finally the sun decided to pop his pompous head out, eh? More commonly, if a bus arrived on time, he would slight the driver for having some ulterior motive for the good deed such as a function at home or that the other drivers had decided not to use the road on that particular day and that was the only reason for the unusual event, not once agreeing to the conscientiousness of the driver. A Malayali hardly compliments another, and if at all he does, it is done in such a begrudging way that the impact is long lost before he finishes. And you may not realize it, I have also been told that we are hor…

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